‘YOU’ Season 4 New Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) is up to his old tricks once again YOU Season 4.

The gripping Netflix series was greenlit by Netflix just days before season 3 hit screens in October 2021, so fans have been eager to find out what’s in store for Joe.

At the end of season three, Joe has fled to Paris under the alias Nick, in search of his one true love, Marianne (Tati Gabrielle).

As the screen faded to black and Joe walked off down the busy Paris street, he said, “All I know, mon amour, is that I’ll search the world if I must. I’ll find you,” and it appears that, Joe has made it all the way to London for the fourth season.

Newsweek has everything you need to know YOU Season 4 including release date, cast, trailer and story so you won’t miss a thing.

When it’s YOU Season 4 on Netflix?

There is good news for fans of YOU on Netflix.

The gripping psychological thriller will hit screens earlier than previously announced by Netflix.

Penn Badgley TU Season 3
Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in YOU Season 3. The gripping psychological thriller will hit screens earlier than previously announced by Netflix.

YOU Season 4, Part 1 premieres on Thursday, February 9 on Netflix, with Part 2 expected to arrive on Thursday, March 9.

The release dates have been brought forward by 24 hours, much to the delight of YOU fan.

Watch YOU Season 4, you must be a Netflix customer. You can join the streaming giant now for $6.99.

Who is in the cast of YOU Season 4?

Penn Badgley returns as Joe Goldberg YOU Season 4.

Tati Gabrielle will also reprise her role as Marianne, Joe’s love interest in the new series.

Joining Badgley is The White Lotus starring Lukas Gage as Adam and East Enders actress Tilly Keeper as Phoebe.

Charlotte Richie takes on the role of art gallery manager Kate, who may or may not be Joe’s new love interest.

Talking with Digital SpyRitchie quipped, “Well, I don’t know how much I can tell whether or not I’m the object of his affection.”

He continued: ‘It was a dream sequence… Or was it?! It’s interesting because it doesn’t start like that.

“They’re not into each other. It’s not like sort of…it’s a pretty later development of their story. But she’s basically extremely suspicious of him and she really doesn’t like him at first.”

In the cast of the series there are also Adam James, Ed Speleers, Amy Leigh Hickman, Sean Pertwee, Brad Alexander, Stephen Hagan, Aidan Cheng, Ben Wiggins and Ozioma Whenu.

For now, it’s unknown if ghosts from Joe’s past like Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), Beck (Elizabeth Lail), or Candace (Ambyr Childers) will appear in the new series.

What will happen in YOU Season 4?

YOU Season 4 will pick up on the cataclysmic events of Season 3, which saw Joe Goldberg literally set his entire life (and identity) on fire.

He killed his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), set fire to their family home and fled to Paris, to pursue the librarian Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle), whom he believes is his one true love.

It’s now clear that Season 4 will take place in London, but for now, there’s no word on whether Joe will reunite with Marianne. However, it has been revealed that he will be called Professor Jonathan Moore.

Penn Badgley TU Season 3
(L to R) PENN BADGLEY as JOE GOLDBERG in ‘You.’ The show returns in February.

Big things to note from season 3 that could come into play in the new series are the fact that his son Henry is still alive and that Joe was smart enough to frame his own murder (cutting off his toe and baking it inside a cake listen), so his name may be in the headlines in the United States

However, what if Love was as smart as Joe? Audiences have never seen Love’s body actually engulfed in flames…she maybe she managed to escape from the burning house…

Talking with Newsweek Following the Season 3 finale, showrunner Sera Gamble teased a little bit about what fans can expect from Season 4.

She shared, “Putting it in Europe is exciting because a lot of people in Europe watch the show and the world has gotten smaller, so it’s fun to expand its map and think about other possibilities.”

There is a trailer for YOU Season 4?

There’s no official trailer yet, but Netflix has released a short teaser trailer and some first-look images.

The clip revealed all the new faces Joe/Professor Jonathan Moore will come into contact with in Season 4. Best of all, the trailer revealed that Marianne, who Joe followed to Paris, has also traveled to London, and the pair are expected to cross paths.

In one of the images, Joe is sporting a beard and wearing a tweed jacket. Behind him is the Union Jack bunting and classic red London double-decker buses.

Revealing first look image on the official YOU On the Netflix Twitter account, the caption read: “Emotional baggage for Jonathan Moore awaits complaint.”

YOU The first part of season 4 will premiere on February 9, 2023, followed by the second part on March 9 on Netflix. YOU seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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