Wreckreation Release Date, System Requirements, and More

Arcade Racing is a great way to enjoy your cars. There are many games that allow you to drive and explore maps and customize rides. Adding to the list of new games is a new arcade racing game titled Wreckreation that should be a fan favorite as it comes out.

Racing games can be a win or a loss. There is no middle ground. Not to be confused with Wrecknation, Wreckreation is a completely different game. This game involves racing cars on various tracks instead of the first one where you race with lawn mowers and other types of vehicles. Well, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the upcoming arcade game – Wreckreation.

Release date of Wreckreation

Wreckreation was announced earlier this year on August 13th. The developers have revealed the announcement trailer for the game, which you can watch here. However, when it comes to the release date of the game, the developers have not given us a clear release date. The game’s Steam page simply displays the upcoming release date. So, the game should be released later 2023.

Release date of Wreckreation

Wreckreation – Developers and Publishers

Wreckreation is developed by Three Fields Entertainment and will be published by THQ Nordic. Under the Three Fields Entertainment belt, we have games like Lethal VR, Dangerous Golf, and Danger Zone 2. With THQ Nordic, you have games like The Valiant, Way of the Hunter, and MX vs ATV Legends.

Wreckreation – Trailer

As for the game trailer, the only available trailer we have is the announcement trailer. In the trailer, we can see how the racing tracks take shape and form a world where you have different ramps that you can jump from. You can also see the vehicles in the game. However, these vehicles are not real-life ones and are a combination of two or more vehicle designs, just like the cars you would see in GTA:V.

Wreckcreation – Game

Wreckreation is an open-world arcade racing game where you will not only race, but perform wild stunts with different vehicles, as well as go on an adventure exploring nearby cities. You can perform your stunts with jumps, ramps and pipes and also dodge various obstacles in your path. The best part about games like Wreckreation is that you get to customize your car, including the lights and engine sounds.

Destruction game

When it comes to the game modes in Wreckreation, you are in control. You can choose which cars are allowed to race, what the course will be and what kind of races you would like to play. Just like the game modes, you can also choose and adjust the game music. What’s more, you can also link your Spotify account to play music in your game right away. Wreckreation also gives you the freedom to choose between night and day, as well as adjust the amount of traffic you want to deal with. Overall a fun game filled with lots to do other than run around.

Destruction game

Wreckreation system requirements

While we don’t have much more information on the game, we do have a good idea of ​​what the system requirements will be. Please note that these system requirements may change anytime before the game gets a firm release date.

  • Operating system: Windows 10 or 11
  • Processor: AMD/Intel 3.0Ghz
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: NVidia or AMD GPU with 4GB of VRAM
  • DirectX: version 12
  • Memory: 60GB

Wreckreation – Supported platforms

As of right now, there isn’t much information on whether the game will be made available for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Heck, we don’t even know if the game will be available on cloud streaming services. All we know is that the game will be available on PC for now.


This concludes everything we know about the new Wreckreation game. The only problem here is that the developers need to reveal more information about the game, such as the tracks and cars we can expect to see. The track listing for the game’s music is also to be revealed. Also, if the game makes its way to consoles, that would be good news as this game definitely carries the vibes of the old school Burnout games from the early years. The article will be updated as there is new information about the game.

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