When is Spotify Wrapped 2022? Spotify Wrapped release date, how to get Spotify Wrapped and 2021 Wrapped stats 🎶

Spotify Wrapped is an “in-depth look” at the artists, songs and albums that defined your 2022, stopped collecting your data October 31st – here’s when Spotify Wrapped is due to release this year.

We’re almost at that time of year where Spotify Wrapped will let you see a “snapshot” of your entire music year.

To quote Spotify, it’s like “a dive into the music and podcasts that defined your 2022”.

Powered by AI, it reveals your genre listening habits, top five streamed artists, top music moods, and delivers a medley playlist of your 100 favorite songs of the year.

What started as a viral marketing campaign in 2016 has evolved Spotify Wrapped – among Spotify’s 345 million active users – into a popular feature that users around the world look forward to as they can share their results with family members. and friends to compare their musical tastes in 2022.

Spotify users are excited to know when Spotify Wrapped 2022 will be released and when they can receive this yearly summary of their stats and listening habits.

Here’s when Spotify Wrapped 2022 comes out, how to get Spotify Wrapped, and which artists came out first in last year’s stats.

When is Spotify Wrapped 2022?

When is Spotify Wrapped 2022? Spotify Wrapped release date, how to get Spotify Wrapped and 2021 Wrapped stats

Spotify is expected to reveal its “deep immersion into the music and podcasts that defined your 2022.” early December.

Spotify Wrapped bases its stats on users’ listening habits between January 1 and October 31, so now that we’ve entered November there are rumors that Wrapped should be released in a week.

While the streaming site is currently keeping Wrapped’s release “under wraps,” we expect it to happen by the first week of December as in 2021 it dropped on December 1st, in 2020 it dropped on December 2nd and in 2019 it dropped on December 5th.

This week Spotify tweeted, “Turn the music up…it’s almost time to #SpotifyWrapped,” so it won’t be long.

Bad Bunny attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

How Can I Get Spotify Wrapped 2022?

With Spotify Wrapped due for release in early December, users will be able to access their “summaries” of their most played songs and albums on the Spotify app.

They will be offered an immersive display of stats and a slideshow illustrating their musical year which can be shared on social media with apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Every year, Spotify Wrapped features are tweaked and improved, so users can expect their 2022 data to be displayed even more dazzlingly than the previous year.

To ensure you receive your Spotify Wrapped 2022 when it is released, please ensure your smartphone is running the latest version of the Spotify app with all the latest updates.

After that, if Spotify Wrapped still doesn’t appear on your home screen, try entering “Wrapped” into the search bar as you normally would when searching for any song.

If you don’t have Spotify, don’t worry as you can still browse their yearly streaming stats by checking their website.

Who are Spotify’s Most Streamed Artists?

As we await the Spotify Wrapped 2022 results, we can already see some clues as to which artists may be the most streamed on Spotify this year.

According to ChartMasters, a leading music industry analytics platform, as of their October 2022 update, the top ten most streamed Spotify artists for their “top streams” are as follows:

1. Dragon – 50.721.270.700

2. Bad Bunny – 45.657.788.027

3. Ed Sheeran – 38.550.189.193

4. The weekend – 35.357.535.589

5. Taylor Swift – 33.350.497.556

6. Justin Biber – 32.824.090.628

7. Ariadne Grande – 32.578.069.464

8. Eminem – 30.790.864.831

9. Post Malone – 30.125.418.368

Who were the top artists in Spotify Wrapped 2021?

In 2021, Spotify Wrapped revealed that the top 5 most streamed artists globally were Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake and Justin Bieber, in that order.

This was the second year in a row that reggaeton star Bad Bunny wore the crown for being the most streamed artist globally on Spotify.

He received over 9.1 billion streams without even releasing a new album that year.

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift took second place with the highly successful ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ which took the industry by storm when it released in November 2021.

Meanwhile, K-pop sensation BTS took third place after a “buzzing year” following the release of their hit single “Butter.”

Drake and Justin Bieber took fourth and fifth place respectively with Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ album and Bieber’s ‘Justice’ album, which featured numerous guest appearances with stars from all over the world.

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