Save big on Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live in this unmissable Black Friday deal

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have been popular since the first generation, and that’s for good reason. Reasonable prices, good sound, and a range of buds to suit different people have made them a much-loved line of accessories for Samsung devices. The Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live aren’t the newest sets of Galaxy Buds, but they’re still worth considering. Galaxy Buds Pro offer excellent sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC), while the bean-shaped Buds Live are aimed at people with smaller ears. Both sets of gems are discounted in an excellent Black Friday deal.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Two years after their release, the Galaxy Buds Pro still sound amazing. They can be paired with any Bluetooth device regardless of manufacturer, but work best when used with Samsung’s ecosystem of products. They can automatically switch their connection between Samsung phones, tablets, Windows TVs and laptops based on what you’re doing, and Samsung’s first-party codec is excellent, as is the ANC.

If you go to Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart you can save $80 and pick them up for just $120, which is a full $100 cheaper than the Buds 2 Pros that replaced them. I used the Galaxy Buds Pro for three to four hours a day for eighteen months, from the day they were released until my Buds 2 Pro arrived. Except for when the rubber tip broke off and got stuck in my ear, I loved every moment with the Buds Pro. The improvements in sound over the older Buds+ were evident, and the addition of ANC made wearing them in crowded areas a dream.

My favorite feature is Music Share. When my wife and I go for a walk, we can listen to the same music without going through the pairing process. He can press the Music Share button on his phone, and since he’s a trusted contact in my Music Share settings, my earbuds will connect to his phone. If my phone rings during that time, my earbuds automatically switch back to my phone. I have never had such a smooth experience.

Galaxy Buds Pro BG

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Just because Samsung’s original Galaxy Buds Pro have been replaced doesn’t mean you should overlook them. They still sound amazing and have great active noise cancellation. Buying them for $120 is a deal you can’t miss.

Galaxy Buds live

Some people have small ears, making most earphones like the Galaxy Buds Pro unusable. Thankfully, Samsung fixed this problem in 2020 with the Galaxy Buds Live. These bean-shaped wonders sit neatly in the tragus (the outer ear) rather than the ear canal itself. This avoids that clogged feeling that many complain about with other buds and they don’t have to be squeezed or forced. The downside is that the seal isn’t that tight, so ambient noise will creep in, even with ANC turned on.

My wife has never been able to use earphones, but the Buds Live changed that. She will never forget the look on her face when she first put them on and they fit without any alterations. They’ve spent every day for the past two years getting at least four hours of use and have aged perfectly, even with battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds live

The Galaxy Buds Live saved the day for people with small ears who can’t use traditional in-ear headphones. Sound quality is good, call quality is excellent, and active noise cancellation is adequate.

There are loads of great deals out there for audiophiles this Black Friday. Samsung’s site will tell you that you can get the Buds Live for just $40, but there’s one huge catch: You’ll only get that price if you trade in a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro, which are newer and more premium than the Buds Live are. so you would have no reason to make that trade.

Thankfully, Samsung will give you $20 for any pair of wired or wireless buds, bringing the Buds Live down to just $60. If you have nothing to trade, $80 is still an excellent price for the Buds Live, and if you don’t mind take the blue ones, Best Buy sells them for $70.

Galaxy Buds pair better with Samsung devices, so why not check out our other Black Friday deals happening right now? The Galaxy Z Fold 4 can be had for as little as $100, or if foldables aren’t your thing, the S22 Ultra is just $375.

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