“He’s Already Made $30M”: NFL World Aghast as Raiders LB Retires After Selling Pokémon Card for $600K Despite $1 Million Guaranteed in His Contract

Blake Martinez dropped a bombshell on the NFL community a few days ago. The Las Vegas Raiders linebacker suddenly retired from the sport just 6 years after being drafted. While Brady continues to play at age 45, the 28-year-old has chosen an alternative career for his future as he calls it a day on his football career.


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Martinez sold a Pokemon card for $672,000 and announced his retirement from trading.


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Is the Pokemon world bigger than the NFL?

In this surprising series of events, Martinez said he doesn’t need money from sports. He announced his retirement through an Instagram post. He also said that he is satisfied with his income from selling Pokemon cards.


Aaron Rodgers’ former teammate has quit the NFL after selling a rare Pokemon card.

5 days ago

Twitter had the most interesting reactions to the announcement as fans were shocked by the developments.

This fan showed no mercy as he called the Raiders a “poor man’s team.” He thinks he’s better off with Martinez’s decision.

It was on the page that a fan believes Martinez made the right call.

This fan asked for the rest of the lot to be left to the defender to make his choice. He spoke about the problems that come with a long football career and that money is not everything.

This fan also let everyone in the thread know that Martinez was making money selling Pokemon cards. However, he knocked off Antonio Brown while he was here.

This fan called out the content in this post, which seems to leave out some key facts. The title mentioned only two events and linked them.

Although there was some communication, that was not the whole story.


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The Blake Martinez story

Martinez was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2016. He excelled at Stanford University. The linebacker was traded to the Giants after spending three years at Wisconsin. He signed with the Las Vegas Raiders a month before announcing his retirement.

In his short tenure with the franchise, Martinez has been solid on the D-line. In his final game as a professional, Martinez led the Raiders in the most sacks against the Jaguars. Although his retirement was sudden, the linebacker earned nearly $30 million during his NFL career.


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He will be a big miss for the Raiders as they lose players to injuries. However, they can’t do much about it because it was a personal decision for Martinez.

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