Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Safety Tips For Your Products

There are many tech products that people use every single day that are powered by lithium ion batteries — such as smartphones, remote controls, and electrical carrying devices — that degrade over time, potentially causing battery cells to lose capacity, expand, or burn out. Therefore, it is important to recognize the safety tips recommended for … Read more

5 Tips for New Caregivers

It’s easy for healthcare professionals to get caught up in the needs of their patients, often neglecting their own in the process. This is especially true for new caregivers who may feel overwhelmed by their new role. To help make the transition into caregiving a little smoother, here are five tips to help new caregivers … Read more

Deachman: Tornadoes, wildfires and survival, oh, my! Algonquin students offer life-saving tips

Links to the Breadcrumb trail Local news “A tip for overcoming a power outage: Fill your washer with ice and use it to keep your food from going bad.” Renée Clutterbuck, left, and Taeg O’Gorman deliver a presentation on tornadoes and microbursts Monday at Algonquin College. Photo by Jean Levac /Postmedia Article content If you … Read more

Helpful tips to make Thanksgiving dementia-friendly

Suggestions include ways to prepare your loved ones for the event and what to do when they arrive. WASHINGTON – As the holidays approach, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) is offering some helpful advice for families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related illnesses, making sure their Thanksgiving celebration is dementia-friendly. “Families caring for … Read more

Insider Tips for OEMs: Sourcing Plated Fasteners from Distributors

Plated fasteners play a vital role in both the assembly and installation of manufactured products. As an integral component of the product, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) always require a reliable and cost-effective supply of fasteners. Today, most of the fasteners come from abroad. Without a reputable fastener distributor, OEMs are at risk of receiving plated … Read more

Time to deal Patrick Kane?

Special for Yahoo Sports Last week, I highlighted Brock Nelson And Anders Lee like two players that need to be swapped in fantasy because they were really warming up, and their hot trait doesn’t appear to be a fluke. They had always displayed good chemistry together and Via Lambert it made the Islanders play more … Read more

Tips on Getting Digital Inclusion Right

Le persone con requisiti speciali vogliono lavorare e i datori di lavoro, soprattutto ora in un mercato del lavoro ristretto, hanno bisogno che apportino le loro competenze al lavoro. Tutti i clienti vogliono modi più semplici per fare affari con te e le aziende che soddisfano la domanda ottengono maggiori profitti. Tutti vincono quando la … Read more

Phoenix water officials offer conservation tips to combat drought

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios Phoenix officials have held town halls to teach people how to conserve water amid the ongoing drought gripping the western US City Halls are part of the first phase of the city’s drought emergency plan. Because it’s important: The Colorado River is facing a critical shortage due to an ongoing mega drought … Read more